Augmented Reality development by FILIO FORCE INC.

Filio Force Inc. and Vilentaso Design have joined forces in an innovative project aimed at transforming interior design using Augmented Reality (AR). Our collaboration has successfully brought together cutting-edge technology and original interior design.

Augmented Reality is a powerful tool for promoting businesses, whatever their size. It allows virtual objects and information to be superimposed on real space. AR technology bridges the gap between the real and virtual worlds, facilitating perception and making the process of interacting with the product interactive.

Stage 1: Getting to know and brainstorming

Initial meetings and discussions about Vilentaso Design’s goals allowed us to better understand their needs and ambitions. Together we identified key objectives: to improve the visualisation of design projects, increase customer engagement and increase conversions.

Phase 2: Developing a bespoke AR application

Creating a custom AR application specifically tailored to Vilentaso Design’s needs required the effort and attention of the entire Filio Force IT company’s team. Only by fully immersing ourselves in the process were we able to achieve all of our goals. The application developed allows clients to interact in real time with a virtual model of the interior, modify the design elements and get a visualisation of the final result.

Interior design using AR by Filio Force development

Phase 3: Testing and debugging

The testing process involved active interaction with Vilentaso Design representatives and their clients. It was important to ensure that the AR application met high design standards and provided an intuitive user experience.

Stage 4: Implementation and training

Following successful testing, we trained Vilentaso Design staff on how to use the AR application. This included the basics of AR technology, the capabilities of the application and how to interact with clients. Special attention was given to unifying the models used for visualisation. Our team developed clear instructions on how to create and adapt modifiable objects before presenting them to the client.

Phase 5: Implementation and scaling

Since implementation, Vilentaso Design’s AR app has become available to a wider audience. Virtual interior tours adapted for smartphones and tablets have increased interactivity and attracted new customers.

Increased sales

Customers can literally ‘live’ the virtual design before making a decision, resulting in increased conversions. Vilentaso Design’s AR project case studies have helped create new marketing materials that engage more audiences.

Increased brand awareness

Vilentaso Design has become an innovative leader in interior design, capturing the attention of clients with beautiful presentations of successful projects.

AR project case by Filio Force development

Increased customer engagement

AR technology has created a unique experience of interaction with design. This attracts more customers and builds loyalty.

The collaboration between Filio Force development and Vilentaso Design demonstrated that innovative technology can significantly improve visualisation and engagement in the interior design process. This project was a prime example of the successful implementation of AR technology in the creative industry.

Depending on your business needs, you can order augmented reality development from Filio Force’s team of professionals. You can use this technology to attract customers at exhibitions, enliven your presentations and improve interaction with your clients. When you turn to professionals, you can be sure that we will select a stack of necessary technologies and implement the project with quality and on time.