Management system development by Filio Force

Warehouse Management System Development

Our company was approached by a client with a number of problems relating to warehouse operations. Due to the rapid growth of the company, the client had to constantly solve problems on the fly. Filio Force’s task was to systematically address the issues and provide convenient tools for further scaling.

Needs analysis

In the first phase of the collaboration, Filio Force Inc. specialists analysed Flagmagret’s warehouse management processes and identified the main problems faced by employees.

Development of System for warehouse management by Filio Force Canada

Solution design

Based on the data received, we developed a concept for the warehouse management system, taking into account the specifics of Flagmagret’s business and needs. Unfortunately, not all of the proposed solutions could be implemented, but our specialists were able to successfully adapt them to the specifics of the client’s business.

Development and testing

Once the concept was approved, system development began. Filio Force Canada’s development team created the software and tested it to ensure that it met the customer’s requirements. During testing, a number of inconveniences were identified related to the order in which goods were entered into the cell storage system. These inconveniences have been improved. For example, the system does not fill free cells, but offers to enter the nomenclature in the nearest cell.

Implementation and training

After successful testing, the system was implemented in Flagmagret’s warehouse. Employees were trained to work with the new system. The quality of the implemented solution made it possible to simplify the work of the employees and to optimise the business processes.

Support and maintenance

Once the system was implemented, Filio Force’s development specialists provided technical support and regular updates to optimise the system’s performance. The new solutions affected a number of related processes within the company, from which the final form of the warehouse optimisation programme was repeatedly changed and adapted to new tasks. Continuous monitoring of the system’s performance allowed us to identify opportunities to optimise the warehouse management processes and make appropriate changes.

Filio Force Inc. technical support for system dev

Benefits for Flagmagret

  • Improved warehouse efficiency.
  • Reduced order processing time.
  • Reduced warehousing costs.
  • Reduction in warehouse management errors.
  • Improved customer service.
  • Optimise inventory management.
  • Competitive advantage on the market.

This case illustrates the successful collaboration between Filio Force IT company and Flagmagret, which has significantly improved warehouse operations and increased the company’s competitive advantage in the marketplace. By implementing a warehouse management system, Flagmagret was able to significantly improve warehouse efficiency. Process optimisation has reduced the time taken to process orders and manage stock. The company has also saved money on warehouse operations and reduced warehouse management errors. If you would like to optimise your warehouse management or other business processes with modern IT solutions, please contact our experts at