How a mobile app improved a fast food business

Bamilonta is a responsible, up-and-coming company that sells a variety of fast food dishes. Due to its rapid growth, the company was struggling to process a large number of orders. Employees were complaining about the workload, orders were getting lost and customer satisfaction was dropping. Bamilonta prepared for new challenges and kitchen and logistics issues were solved independently. Unfortunately, due to lack of time, the company was not able to take on all the new challenges on its own. After getting to know the company’s operations, Filio Force Canada identified a whole chain of problems.


  • Customers waiting a long time for their turn to place an order
  • Due to the increased workload on call centre agents, orders were being incorrect, confused and even lost.
  • The customer experience deteriorated and even regular customers stopped placing repeat orders.
  • The company was gradually going offline

Filio Force’s cross-platform mobile application could solve all these problems. We had experience of implementing similar projects, so we got to work straight away.

Filio Force’s cross-platform mobile application for fast-food

Needs analysis

First, we conducted a detailed needs analysis of Bamilonta and its customers. The detailed analysis allowed us to identify the key issues and develop a roadmap for further action.

Mobile application development

Based on the analysis, we developed a cross-platform mobile application that gave users a convenient and fast way to place orders. Call centre operators only had to call back to clarify details if necessary.

Payment system integration

We integrated the payment system directly into the app, allowing customers to pay for orders directly from the app, saving time and simplifying the process.

Automate the ordering process

Using the mobile app, we have automated the food ordering process, reducing the time it takes to complete an order and reducing the chance of errors.

Notifications and promotions

Filio Force team added functionality to the app to send notifications about orders and promotions, allowing Bamilonta to attract more customers and bring back those who had stopped ordering. Such steps have allowed us to increase the loyalty of all customers.

Faster order processing

By streamlining the ordering process through the mobile app, Bamilonta was able to significantly increase the speed of order processing and improve customer service.

Sales growth

The app’s ease of use and availability of promotions attracted more customers, resulting in a significant increase in the company’s sales.

Mobile app’s testing by Filio Force development

Increased customer loyalty

Regular alerts and promotions helped Bamilonta strengthen its relationship with customers and increase their brand loyalty.

Working with Filio Force development was a key factor in Bamilonta’s business growth. The mobile application helped streamline food ordering processes, improve customer service and increase sales. Only a timely response and competent leadership allowed Bamilonta to quickly adapt to the new environment and continue to grow. This case highlights the importance of innovation and collaboration for successful business development in today’s world. If you too want to increase the profitability of your business, but don’t know how, contact the development specialists at Filio Force for a consultation. Our experts will help you identify growth points for your business and bring the project to a successful conclusion with high results.