Stages of creating an online auto parts store

The client, a leading auto parts retailer, approached Filio Force company to create an online store for their business. The company had been in the market for a long time and had scaled well in a chain store format. But in today’s world of technology and information, it’s hard to imagine a successful business that doesn’t exist online. Our client had an online shop before, but it was only used as a form of customer communication. We value confidentiality and have obtained permission to publish this case study, but the client has chosen to conceal its brand.

The analysis

After a detailed job analysis and a snapshot of the employees’ working day, the following problems were identified:

  • Managers spend 75% of their time picking the right parts for customers. Manual order processing leads to inefficiencies and delays.
  • Stock balances are generated from multiple suppliers, and with no single database in the warehouse, there are constant problems with duplicate names. The same item could be entered with different nomenclature. This led to confusion and incorrect calculation of stock balances. As a result, there were inventory problems, inconsistencies in stock levels and incorrect purchasing planning.
  • The website is a calling card. The customer cannot see the full range of products in the store and find out the cost and availability of the part they are interested in. This reduces conversion and profit.
  • The site lacked online payment integration, which reduced the customer experience.
Online store for auto parts retailer by Filio Force it company


Filio Force IT company provided a complete solution to address these issues:

Integration of multiple databases into a single system that provides real-time stock updates. Goods are received using barcode scanners only, reducing the possibility of human error.

Developing an intuitive online platform that allows customers to easily search and select parts based on their vehicle’s VIN.

Integrate secure online payment options to improve the overall customer experience.

Automate order processing and parts selection, reducing errors and increasing efficiency.


Filio Force Inc. conducted a thorough analysis of the client’s requirements and challenges. Our team developed a customisable online shop that met the client’s needs. The solution was integrated with the client’s existing systems and thoroughly tested for functionality and performance. The developed and tested online shop was successfully launched and the client’s staff were trained to ensure a seamless onboarding.

Developing a customisable online shop by Filio Force company

The results

The integration of multiple databases has resulted in accurate and up-to-date stock management. Customers can now easily search and select parts based on vehicle VIN. An automated system with an online shop has increased order volume and minimised errors without the need for additional staff. This has saved 70% of managers’ time, allowing them to focus on other important tasks. The client now has a competitive advantage in the marketplace, resulting in a 45% increase in profits.

Filio Force Canada worked with the client to create a modern and user-friendly online store. An integrated approach to problem solving enabled business processes to be streamlined and automated. The new model allows the company to scale quickly and seamlessly. Due to the company’s rapid growth, it is difficult to quantify the results and prospects. The tools provided not only solved old problems, but also opened up new prospects for growth. The successful implementation of the online shop has not only improved the customer experience, but also significantly increased the profit on each order. If you want to grow your business as effectively in today’s world, contact our experts at

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