Transforming the taxi business with web app

Domitresta is a local taxi service provider serving urban and suburban areas. The company approached Filio Force Inc. with a request to develop a modern taxi booking application.

Domitresta had the following challenges

  • Lack of a modern and convenient way to book a taxi using a mobile device.
  • Lack of automation in the booking process and order management.
  • Limited ability for customers to track taxi location and arrival times.

Filio Force Canada provided Domitresta with a modern Progressive Web Application (PWA) with the following features

  1. An intuitive interface for quick and easy taxi ordering.
  2. An automated order management system to improve efficiency.
  3. Tracking of taxi location and estimated arrival time for customer convenience.
  4. Online payment integration to simplify the payment process.
Creating web app for taxi service provider by Filio Force company

Stages of collaboration

Requirements analysis

Filio Force company carried out an in-depth analysis of the requirements of Domitresta and its customers.

Design and development

Based on the analysis, an application was designed and developed to meet the customers’ needs.


The application has been thoroughly tested for performance and security.

Implementation and training

After successful testing, the application was implemented and Domitresta employees were trained in its use.

Progressive Web app implementation by Filio Force Inc

The results

  • The new app allows customers to order taxis quickly and easily. This significantly improves the user experience.
  • The automated order management system reduced order processing time, improved service and increased efficiency.
  • Due to the convenience and accessibility of the app, the number of orders increased by 37% in the first month of use.
  • The increase in orders led to a 25% increase in revenue for Domitresta.
  • By automating the ordering and order management process, customer service costs were reduced.
  • The new application enabled Domitresta to strengthen its market position and attract new customers.
  • The convenience and reliability of the application increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Filio Force Development’s collaboration with Domitresta has transformed the business by providing customers with a modern and convenient taxi booking application. Filio Force Inc.’s PWA solution has significantly improved Domitresta’s operations, increasing efficiency, revenue and customer satisfaction. To find out how you can improve your business, please contact our experts for a consultation.