ReactJS: reasons for its popularity

In the blog of Filio Force Inc. we continue to talk about the technologies that our specialists use in their work. Let’s focus on ReactJS, the most popular of all JavaScript libraries.

First of all, let us remind you that JavaScript is an interpreted programming language used for writing front-end and back-end parts of websites and mobile applications. You can also write simple games in JavaScript, as the developers at Filio Force Canada have done. It is also used in the Internet of Things and machine learning.

React is a JavaScript library for creating interfaces that change the display without reloading the page. This allows applications to respond quickly to user actions. Although React often appears on the same list as other JavaScript frameworks such as Angular or Ember, React is a library and not a framework. This means that by default it doesn’t have tools for managing state, routing and web requests. You need to install additional libraries for these. React was developed by Facebook. The first public version of the library was released in March 2013.

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What you can build with React

React is great for building large-scale web applications where data can change on a regular basis. Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, WhatsApp, Dropbox and many other famous apps and services are built with React.

React was originally designed to build websites. But over time, the React Native platform emerged, designed for mobile devices. It is used to simultaneously build applications for the most popular Android and iOS platforms. Both versions of the application follow the recommendations of Apple and Google. In this case, development is faster and the same team of developers is involved.

Why React is so popular

React allows you to build a complex interface from small pieces of code called components. They are often compared to Lego bricks. These components are easy to build, reuse, test and maintain. Typically, components are written using JSX, which is an extension of the JavaScript syntax that is convenient for describing the interface. JSX looks a lot like HTML. Related to this is another important feature of the React library – declarative. This means that development is about describing what needs to be rendered on the page, not writing instructions on how to do it.

Using a virtual DOM is a big advantage of React. The browser performs a large number of different actions before displaying the requested page. The browser doesn’t work directly with the HTML page as code, but builds a DOM (Document Object Model) for it. This is a tree structure of the page made up of nodes. Each node is an object that can have certain properties and methods. The DOM stores information about the state of the interface. It is the DOM that allows us to access page elements using JavaScript. But when we try to manipulate HTML elements, we may encounter performance degradation, especially if there are a lot of elements. To solve this problem, the concept of a virtual DOM has emerged.

This is a lightweight copy of the regular DOM. When changes need to be made to the elements of a web page, they are first made in the virtual DOM. React then compares the new virtual DOM tree with the old one, builds up the difference between the two, and finds the minimum amount of manipulation required to update the real DOM to the new state. As a result, this scheme of interacting with web page elements works much faster and more efficiently than if we were to work directly with the DOM in JavaScript. The Filio Force team is ready to help clients develop and launch applications and programmes created with React.

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AR-technologies: combining real and virtual worlds

Augmented Reality (AR) is an environment that augments the world around us in real time. It is created by projecting digital information (text, images, graphics, video) onto the screen of various devices. This adds artificial elements and new information to the real world. This is done using devices such as tablets or smartphones. Of course, software is also required.

Specialists from Filio Force Inc. talked about the development and application of AR technologies.

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Complex site promotion = project development

Every business owner focuses their resources on making their business thrive, increasing sales and growing profits. If you are an e-commerce business, you have a website that is the storefront for your shop or service. Naturally, you want your product pages, services or articles to rank highly in search engine results. Therefore, your website needs comprehensive promotion. The main aspects of this are described by the specialists at Filio Force Inc.

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Machine learning. How it helps in life and business

Machine learning is a branch of artificial intelligence that focuses on creating systems that learn and evolve based on the data they receive. Self-driving cars and voice assistants on smartphones are technologies based on machine learning. Self-driving cars use computer vision technology. Voice assistants use speech and sound recognition technology.

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SaaS Solutions. Benefits for users and developers

Software as a Service (SaaS) is a subscription-based software licensing model. The provider develops and maintains applications, programs, places them in the cloud and makes them available to the user. The customer pays for access and receives an out-of-the-box tool.

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Business Process Automation: Key Aspects

Almost every company in the modern economy is involved in business process automation in one way or another. The introduction of scripts, intelligent robots, CRM systems, etc. provides opportunities for business development, increasing profits and reducing costs.

What PWA can do for your business

If your company is not present in the digital world, consider that no one knows about it. Nowadays, people look for almost all the information they need on the Internet. Therefore, if you want your business to be successful, you must have an online presence. This requires a website and preferably a mobile application that your customers can install on their smartphones. However, not all businesses can afford to develop both a website and an app. The solution is PWAs.

Progressive Web Applications (PWAs) are applications built using web technologies that can be installed and run on all devices from a single code base. This is the definition provided by Microsoft.

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Code quality: automation of verification and tools

Good code is clean code. Code quality affects the quality of software, its safety, security, and reliability. It is also a parameter determining the level and professionalism of developers.

The important stage in the process of development of any software is code checking. To do it manually is labour-intensive, troublesome, long and, as the result, expensive. Automation of the processes makes life of engineers easier and raises the efficiency of the development process itself. A serious verification system is able to generate test logic and run tests by itself to identify errors.

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Cybersecurity. Can you be hacked with ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence (AI)-based model. It learns from massive amounts of data and uses contextual data to improve the quality of its responses. Why is ChatGPT so controversial? On the one hand, the chatbot is a useful online security tool, but at the same time, hackers and cybercriminals are already interested in it.

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What is a PaaS platform?

PaaS – Platform-as-a-service. You don’t need to create your own solutions and tools to develop and use complex systems. You can use PaaS, which has everything you need. In the past, developers had to pick and buy a lot of different tools from different vendors. You had to maintain and integrate them, and they needed constant oversight. As the digital product develops, the number of tools used increases, and auxiliary solutions appear. As a result, everything becomes complex, and business processes become cumbersome and unmanageable.

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Trends in e-Commerce

Mobile gadgets will dominate eCommerce.

This trend is supported by the increase in sales: in particular, in 2023, revenue from global retail sales through smartphones rose to 3.57 trillion dollars, compared with a “modest” 2.91 trillion dollars a year earlier. This is not surprising given that there are already 5.3 billion smartphone users worldwide, which is the vast majority of the world’s population.

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ERP system implementation

ERP system or production resource planning system is a software that helps to keep records, plan and distribute all tangible and intangible resources of the company – finance, inventory, raw material stocks and even personnel. Thanks to a competent integrated approach it is possible to increase the productivity of the enterprise, reduce costs, reduce downtime, increase efficiency and, accordingly, profits. This is why such solutions are extremely popular. Implementation of ERP in production requires a careful and thoughtful approach, thorough preparation and readiness for changes on the part of both company management and all its employees.