How an online shop should be: design, usability

People are judged first by their looks and then by their skills. The same is true of online shops. The user’s first impression is based on the design and ease of use of the site, and then he or she evaluates the content: the products and their quality. The design can create a positive first impression of the online shop and the company as a whole. However, it can also discourage the visitor from getting acquainted with the goods and services. If interesting banners are placed on the website, trendy colours are used, but the buyer does not understand how to place an order – it means that the website design is bad. The essence of good design is that the visitor quickly finds all the necessary buttons.

Filio Force Inc. talks about some important aspects of online shop design.

Practical and attractive packaging

In addition to a well-planned marketing strategy, every online store needs convenient and attractive packaging. It only takes a few seconds for a person to decide whether to stay on the site or forget about its existence. When choosing a design, it is necessary to pay attention not only to aesthetic beauty, but also to usability. It is necessary to create a composition of colours, fonts and the correct arrangement of elements that will smoothly lead the visitor to the purchase.

Things to consider when developing the design

  • Adaptation to mobile devices;
  • Quality photos;
  • Usability;
  • Brevity;
  • Consistent corporate style.

Adaptation for mobile devices

Around 80% of users make purchases on their smartphones. If an online store is not optimised for mobile devices, visitors will find it inconvenient to use the site, especially when browsing products. The presence of a mobile version is therefore a prerequisite for success in e-commerce.

In addition, you can order the development of a progressive web application (PWA), which is handled by the company Filio Force it. It is a combination of a website and a native mobile application. After installing a PWA, the user opens virtually the same website, but it is an application with exactly the same design, functionality and additional features as traditional applications.

High quality photos

The shopper has no way of evaluating the product in reality, cannot touch it and cannot try it on. All they have are photos, videos and perhaps augmented reality. It is therefore very important that the photos and videos are of high quality. The better the product is presented, the more the user will like the online store. Poor quality photos and videos spoil the impression of the product. Even if it is a great branded item or a technical novelty, a bad photo will ruin the whole impression. There is a common opinion among visitors to e-commerce sites: if a web resource uses bad photos, it means that the shop does not care about its customers.

Also, do not forget about scaling. The user should be able to see every inch of the product.

Navigation, Filtering and Search (Usability)

Convenience is the main reason why people shop online. Websites should make the consumer’s life easier and lead to the most important step – the purchase. To achieve this, every little detail should be thought through.

The most important blocks of information should be placed at the top of the page: logo, search bar, navigation menu, contact details and delivery information. The design should have a clear visual hierarchy and simple visual structure to help users navigate the site easily.

When designing an e-commerce site, you need to consider the context and theme of the products. For example, for a furniture store with hundreds of thousands of products, the beauty of the design elements is not as important as the ease of searching and navigation. At the same time, for an antique shop with a hundred products, the design and presentation of the site is paramount.

Statistics show that users follow patterns F and Z when viewing a page. Knowing this, you can intelligently arrange the visual hierarchy and guide the user to the key points of the site.


As well as being easy to navigate, a website should also be attractively designed. As a rule of thumb, a good online store design is clean and minimalist. You can, of course, use fresh ideas and innovative options, but there is a risk that users will not understand them. Again, it all depends on the context of the products.

Design for each niche has its own characteristics that you need to take into account. For example, the main trends for the design of a clothing store – a lot of free space and large banners with discreet colours. For the main colours, it is better to choose white and black, as clothes often have multi-coloured prints. Of course, you can use your own brand colours. But if they are bright, it is better to use them in separate design elements.

Consistent corporate identity

With all this in mind, you should not forget about individuality and uniqueness. Among many sites with the same products and prices, the one with a more comfortable design, a memorable corporate identity and good service will win.

To stand out from the crowd, you can use a technique like this. Images, illustrations and photographs should not only reflect the brand and corporate identity, but also engage the user emotionally. The colour scheme should evoke feelings and set the tone for the online store. Content should ‘communicate’ with the user in a style: professional, humorous, friendly, empathetic, etc., depending on the target audience.

By following these rules and not forgetting about quality service, you can create a quality e-commerce site and get the maximum possible profit from the business. Filio Force specialists are ready to work on the development and modernisation of your resource, using both traditional approaches and non-standard web solutions.

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